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Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit 5.0: Healing Your Energy Body

You’ll hear from 40+ top doctors, researchers, New York Times bestselling authors and more better ways to address autoimmunity – by finding and treating the root causes of your specific condition so you can truly heal and reverse your autoimmunity symptoms.


The Summit is online and FREE from October 4 – 11, 2022.

The Summit is online and FREE from October 4 – 11, 2022. When you register for free today, you’re also getting instant FREE access to several registration bonuses as a gift from our Summit speakers. 

Ameet Aggarwal, ND

Homeopathy, Family Constellations & Energy Therapy To Transform Illness

  • Homeopathy goes to the root cause of energetic imbalances and can transform consciousness and physiology at the same time
  • If disease is caused by emotions, homeopathy can heal these emotions so that disease can heal
  • We carry energetic imprints from family / ancestral trauma. These energetic imprints are in the form of loyalties, blind love, bondages and agreements. By become aware of these entanglements, we can free ourselves from unhealthy bondages, patterns and thought forms. This heals the psyche as well as the physiology
  • Trauma release and physiological healing if there’s time – homeopathy, psychotherapy and other methods for trauma release

Dr. Debi Silber

How An Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health, Work and Relationships

  • Betrayal is a different type of crisis that requires a different way to heal
  • There are 5 stages we’ll go through if we fully heal from betrayal
  • There’s a collection of symptoms (physical/mental/emotional) so common to betrayal it’s known as Post Betrayal Syndrome

Anna Cabeca

Restoring Intimacy and Sexual Health

  • Discuss the stress, cortisol and oxytocin connection that lead to relational disharmony
  • The power of Oxytocin
  • Hormonal ages as we age and there relationship to intimacy and sexual health

Jason Prall



Dr. Carol Lourie

Exploring The Energy of Breast Cancer

  • A unique aspect of Homeopathic medicine is the belief that certain diseases are influenced by and express energy. This approached is used as part of what goes into choosing a constitutional remedy for the person
  • What is the energetic field of cancer and how does a person respond to it
  • Is there a spiritual aspect to cancer and what can I do about it
  • Is it possible to heal from cancer

Jane Hogan

Breathe Healing into Your Energy Body

  • Autoimmune disease is your spirit calling you to be a greater version of yourself
  • Why YOU are an empowered creator of your own health
  • The breath is the connection between mind, body and spirit
  • Guided breathwork experience
  • Everyday breathing: Low, Light and Long

Jodi Cohen


  • Stages of grief
  • How to move through the stages of grief
  • What happens when you don’t move through your stages
  • The role in essential oils and healing grief

Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Fourth Phase of Water

  • Water has four phases, not three
  • Fourth Phase water fills your cells
  • Maintaining a full complement of fourth phase water is critical for health

Tom McCarthy

Tapping Into Your SuperConscious
Healing Ability

  • The Power of the Superconscious Mind
  • The 3 Critical Factors Necessary to Create a Breakthrough in Your Health
  • The One Thing You Must Do To Heal

Rob Downey, MD

Autoimmunity: Why You're NOT
at War with Yourself

  • Challenging the idea of autoimmunity = “your body attacking itself”
  • How do we define our state of peace
  • Autoimmunity-mind-spirit connection
  • Why zebra’s don’t get ulcers (impact of parasympathetic nervous system)

Heather Aardema

Declutter Your Energy Body

  • The definition of clutter – it’s not just an uncomfortable amount of stuff
  • Examples of mind, body and home clutter
  • The Clutter – Autoimmune Connection. (personal story of how certain mind clutter causes RA flares for me)
  • How to Live Lighter with Autoimmune

Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC


  • A lot of people are developing immune system dysregulation as evidenced by the increasing prevalence of autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma and cancer. What in your opinion are some of the underlying causes of this
  • What heavy metals interfere in your body’s immune function and effectiveness
  • Immunity requires energy. What metals reduce your body’s energy production, which can greatly impact your immune system functioning
  • How can you best assess your toxicity levels and remove these metals affecting immunity
  • Can you give us some simple detox tips for the listeners
  • What is your favorite and most effective detox protocol
  • What is one unique way, when you’re working with clients, that you strengthen their immunity (here is can talk about Bioenergetics and the body’s energetic immune system and how it actually controls the physical immune system

Alex Howard

Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit

  • How did you get into this work
  • How does our nervous system affect the immune system
  • What creates a maladaptive stress response
  • What support resetting the nervous system to support healing
  • How can people get started

Beth Claxton, M.D.

Learning to Become Gentle
with Ourselves

  • Mindfulness as a doorway into ourselves.
  • Small steps turn into giant leaps.
  • Cultivating non-judgement as a foundation of existence
  • Treating ourselves with kindness and gentleness ALWAYS

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

How to Balance (NOT Boost) Your Immune System: Researched Solutions for Autoimmunity

  • Balancing vs. Boosting the immune system: what’s the difference
  • Risks of boosting the immune system with certain herbs, etc -Role of the survival paradox in autoimmune conditions and flareups
  • Solutions to balance immune responses for optimal health

Debra Poneman

Slowing and Reversing
the Aging Process

  • How to slow down and even reverse mental decline (no more brain fog!)
  • The #1 secret for deep, rejuvenating sleep (you need deep sleep to slow down aging and be clear and effective in daily life)
  • What type of exercise produces the greatest anti-aging effect and what types actually speed up the aging process
  • Which foods cause inflammation in the brain and body leading to chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and obesity
  • Hacks for radiant youthful skin

Harry Massey

How Bioenergetics Can Restore Your Energy for Life

  • Harry’s story
  • 4 Principles of Bioenergetics
  • How to detect, correct, and protect your emotional energy
  • Current Research -The Future of Bioenergetics

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Healing Your Energy Body Using Your Microbiome

  • The microbiome has huge implications in lowering cortisol, raising serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, giving you more energy during the day and the capacity to sleep better at night
  • How daily practices impact the microbiome
  • How emotional work can strengthen the microbiome

Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC

Bio-optimize your mitochondria to boost your energy and fix your health

  • How to understand the top 3 functions of mitochondria in simple terms
  • Why mitochondria are important for prevention and treatment of chronic disease and low energy
  • Easy methods for restoring mitochondrial health and boosting energy
  • The simple link between gut health and mitochondrial function
  • health and mitochondrial function

Jonathan Goldman, M.A.

Healing Sounds for Optimum Energy and Health

  • Learn the Principles of Sound as a Energy Healing Modality
  • Discover the power of your own voice for health and transformation
  • Experience how to use Conscious Humming to reduce stress, enhance the release of melatonin, nitric oxide and other healing hormones

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Biofield Therapies for Autoimmunity:
Using Light and Sound

  • Why working with the biofield is essential to healing for chronic illness
  • What it means for the body to be made up of light and sound, and how do we use that light and sound to heal ourselves
  • How we can integrate functional medicine, naturopathic medicine and bioregulatory medicine with the principles of biophysics
  • There are tools and modalities available in biofield therapies to support patients

Dr. Gregory Eckel

Sound and Light Frequencies
To Help Your Brain Heal

  • Sound therapies to help the brain heal
  • Light therapies to help the brain heal
  • Foundations needed to set the stage for receptivity and increasing odds of healing

Mira Dessy

Ingredients, Inflammation,
and Your Immune System

  • Ingredients linked to inflammation
  • Gut microbiota modified by ingredients
  • Who determines the safety of food ingredients
  • Restoring gut health

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

The Role of Toxins and The Survival Paradox in Autoimmune Disease: How to Reset Your Alarm System

  • Role of toxic body burden in autoimmune disease
  • How to detox safely without triggering Herxheimer reaction or detox crisis
  • Role of gut health in autoimmunity and how to support it
  • Solutions for detox and balancing immune function

Dr. Venus Ramos

Why You Keep Failing At Your Weight Loss Goal. (Alternate title: Balancing the Energy of Body Weight & Body Image)

  • Why it’s beneficial to refocus your goals on improving how your feel and less so on how you look
  • Achieve your health goals by recognizing that excess weight is energy that you can shift or release
  • How this reframe can lead to positive and lasting change

Speaker Dr. Tom O’Byran, DC, CCN, DABCN, CIFM

Where Does the ‘Juice’ Come From in Healing Your Energy Body

  • The process of healing your energy body is accomplished by implementing a strategic plan of action

Rajshree Patel

How To Heal With The Power of Vital Force

  • There are 5 sheaths or energetic layers to your body They exist together encased within each other. our physical body is the outermost layer. inner most is the spiritual body. After the physical body is the Pranamaya body , Then we have the mental sheath contained within the body and vital energy sheath. There also the awareness or wisdom sheath
  • When we are disconnected from our Vital Force or life force we are alienated from the power to heal, we lower our vibrational energy field and we are cut of from the source of life which runs, governs and directs the homeostasis of mind-body and spirit. As our life force goes down , it lowers our frequency, our vibrations slow down. This creates heaviness, negative emotions, life less flow, more stress and down grades our immune response. Vital force is the fundamental divine power from which everything is created. We are moving in an ocean of high vibrational force but we have disconnected from it. Its the obvious that has been over looked. like fish in water
  • Lower vibration, lower vital force turns on our sympathetic response – stress, sadness, anger etc. slows down health and healing response
  • When we disconnect with our higher power/Self we start to exert, push, fight with life and our wellbeing. We use energy against ourself. We see our self as a limited being. more matter than energy. In fact we are more energy than matter
  • Ways to up level our vibration and life force … Shift your identity , your sense of who you are to include your wise, loving, powerful energy intelligence/awareness along with your body and mind
  • Tools that up level life force

Dr. Jennifer Simmons

Is Hashimotos the first stop to breast cancer?

  • Why people develop autoimmune disease, and specifically autoimmune thyroiditis
  • The link between Hashimotos and breast cancer
  • Reversing autoimmune thyroid disease
  • Decreasing breast cancer risk as it relates to thyroid disease
  • Why following TSH alone isn’t enough

Lloyd Burell

Pearls of Wisdom using
Vibrations to Heal

  • Why is energy so important with regard to health and autoimmune disease
  • Where do EMFs fit into all this? (AI disease & health)/what are EMFs
  • What are the dangers of EMFs
  • What can we do to protect ourselves
  • You have done 2 summits on healing with vibration…what can you say about energies that heal? (Science)
  • What are your top 3 take-aways from this summit

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Science and Practice of Heart-Brain Coherence

  • How to intentionally create intentional energy fields that raise your consciousness vibration and help change the planetary vibration
  • The science of energetic interconnectivity
  • How we influence each other by the energetic fields we radiate
  • Ways to bring your heart, mind, and emotions into alignment, to access your highest potential
  • How to intentionally create intentional energy fields that raise your consciousness vibration and help change the planetary vibration
  • The science of energetic interconnectivity
  • How we influence each other by the energetic fields we radiate
  • Ways to bring your heart, mind, and emotions into alignment, to access your highest potential

Eric Gordon, M.D.

Autoimmune and Long-Covid

  • What is the Cell Danger Response and its relationship to autoimmune disease.
  • How the CDR helps us to understand treatment options in autoimmune disease.
  • The similar mechanisms that underlie some aspects of autoimmunity, Long Covid and persistent vaccine reactions
  • The emerging role for Apheresis in the treatment of Long Covid and autoimmune disease

Dr Marlene Siegel

Pets Have Energy Bodies Too

  • What is Dis-ease vs disease
  • The 5 energy bodies pets have
  • How the energy bodies are affected by the owners. Spiritual significance
  • The importance of addressing all the energy bodies to achieve healing
  • Methods for releasing trauma and attachments to dis-ease

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott

Raise Your Energy. Rock Your Life! Or
Energy Exercises to Liberate Your Life-Force!

  • What is Vital Life-Force Energy (aka Qi or Chi)
  • What are energy pathways (aka channels / meridians) in the body and why you should care about them
  • How can the “grandpa” of T’ai Chi help you to heal? (ie. Qigong)
  • Why blocked energy in the physical body can lead to negative emotions
  • How old mental programs are actually tied to “issues in the tissues”
  • What to do if “uncomfortable” emotions start to get “unblocked”
  • How to use emotions to learn how to “read” the state of your energy body
  • Why do some people get temporary relief from pain, but then it comes back
  • How to open up your energy channels so you can feel more physically vibrant and mentally clear
  • How to unwind tension from the tissues so you can quickly restore ageless mobility, replenish youthful energy and establish emotional resilience
  • We will reveal the specific sequence we recommend people follow when they start working with energy exercises

Dr. Daved Rosensweet

A Hormone Replenishment Roadmap. When to do what… and why!


Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

CEO of The DNA Company

Meet Your Host

Dr. Keesha Ewers has been in the medical field for over 30 years. She is an integrative medicine expert, Doctor of Sexology, Family Practice ARNP, Psychotherapist, and herbalist. She is board certified in functional and Ayurvedic medicine and is the founder and medical director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.

After conducting the HURT Study in 2013 (Healing Un-Resolved Trauma), she developed the HURT Model for understanding how past childhood trauma impacts adult health. This experience led to creating You Unbroken (an online program for patients to heal their trauma) and the Mystic Medicine immersion healing retreats she teaches from her home on San Juan Island, WA.

An in-demand speaker, Dr. Keesha has presented at Harvard and from the TEDx stage. She is also a best-selling author of Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle: The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health, The Quick and Easy Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes with 7 Ingredients or Less for Busy People, and Your Libido Story: A workbook for women who want to find, fix, and free their sexual desire.

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